About Schwaen’s music

About Kurt Schwaen’s music

In this compilation – exerpts from CD booklets including compositions by Kurt Schwaen of different genres – you will find some basic information pertaining his style as well as some details about some of his recorded works.

The complete titles and some audio examples are documented on the home page under Schwaen auf CD and Youtube.

If you are especially interested in a certain genre, you can click it directly.

The composer about his music:

What you cannot say it in three tones, you cannot say it in one hundred.
What you say with three tones you should not withdraw with one hundred.

I am for shortness.
But shortness because you choose no length, not because you are not able to.

I compose only when I feel ‚Lust' or however you want to name it. But this ‚Lust' is evoked by whatever different causes. So I react on inspiration and assignments. If you wish a composition, I write it right away. It will be used. Once in a while I am seduced by a blank paper.

Like all composers I would be satisfied to not ne urged to comment my works. And be it only through the title, of which the content is exactly this composition, from the first to the last note.

In truth there is only one genre in my work, and that is chamber music.

Everything easy is unusual.
Everything easy is unusually difficult.


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